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Alumni Programme

Once you've finished your course, we appreciate that you'll need some help and along the way to turining your qualification into a successful career. Our Alumni programme offers a range of resources, support, job opportunities & discounts.

Membership of the programme is free forever and automatic from the day you qualify.

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Support - Advice Service

We'll teach you about a range of conditions which you'll encounter on a regular basis, but there will be lot's more you've never even heard of. Our experienced tutors are on hand to offer you advice on tricky clients or conditions, CPD opportunities, marketing, accounting and even your tax return.

Resources - Everything you need

We pride ourselves in giving you all the tools required for the job. On graduation, you are given access to templates for client record cards, risk assessments, policies, simple accounting, and marketing materials and more.

Job Opportunities - Earning potential and world class experience

Our graduates are in demand from employers, sports clubs & teams, event organisers and more. We arrange paid work with our partners exclusively for our graduates. We've done everything from 5k races to international strongman competitions, allowing our graduates to put their skills to use whilst earning or getting to handle elite athletes.

Discounts - Increasing your bottom line

We work hard to ensure running your business is as profitable as possible:

Graduate of the Month

Plamen Draganov - September 2017

Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy


I initially trained in Swedish massage at another school but I left without the confidence to start my own business so I worked occasionally from home.

How have you used your new qualification?

Since I qualified in December 2016, I have used my qualification to start my own business Enso Holistic Therapy in Manchester. I work from two locations now; my main room is in my martial arts school and I also rent a room in a clinic in the city centre.

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What did you think of the Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy course you attended?

I really enjoyed the level 3 diploma. The theory was really well presented and the practical skills taught in class were at very high level. The tutor was very knowledgeable and friendly. The most beneficial part for me was that the tutor was able to answer all of my questions. And because I already had some experience, I had quite a lot of them! I am really happy I chose Sports Massage Academy. What sets them apart from other schools is their alumni support program. Other training providers will forget about you once you graduate and will show some interest only when they offer you to enrol in another course. The Alumni group is really amazing and I know that I can get support from them whenever I need it. I am really looking forward to my level 4 course.
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What would you say to anyone looking to train in Sports Massage Therapy?

My tip for anyone wanting to get into the industry is to know whether you want to work for someone else or for yourself. Having your own massage business might be difficult and challenging in the beginning but it can also be extremely rewarding and satisfying. Just get as much practice as you can with friends and family and build up some confidence in your skills and knowledge.

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