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Once you've finished your course, we appreciate that you'll need some help and along the way to turn your qualification into a successful career. Our Alumni programme offers a range of resources, support, job opportunities & discounts.

Membership of the programme is free forever and automatic from the day you qualify.

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Support - Advice Service

We'll teach you about a range of conditions which you'll encounter on a regular basis, but there will be lots more you've never even heard of. Our experienced tutors are on hand to offer you advice on tricky clients or conditions, CPD opportunities, marketing, accounting and even your tax return.

Resources - Everything you need

We pride ourselves in giving you all the tools required for the job. On graduation, you are given access to templates for client record cards, risk assessments, policies, simple accounting, marketing materials and more.

Job Opportunities - Earning potential and world class experience

Our graduates are in demand from employers, sports clubs & teams, event organisers and more. We arrange paid work with our partners exclusively for our graduates. We've done everything from 5k races to international strongman competitions, allowing our graduates to put their skills to use whilst earning or getting to handle elite athletes.

Discounts - Increasing your bottom line

We work hard to ensure running your business is as profitable as possible:

Graduate of the Month

SJ Willis - June 2018

Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy


I'm SJ, mum of three hormonal teenagers and part time teaching assistant in a primary school. I've worked in education for 11 years and with my youngest child now at secondary school, wanted a career path that enabled me to work flexibly alongside my existing school hours. I needed something with the potential to allow me to work as much as I wanted/needed according to the needs of the family and other commitments.

I've been an avid runner for four years, starting during a particularly difficult time in my life. It helped me both physically and mentally, becoming hooked into running further and faster, I joined a local running club and entered many races.

How have you used your new qualification?

I launched my own business, Myo My Massage Therapy, when I qualified as a Level 3 SMT last December. I have since continued to learn the theory of massage and the body and have enhanced my technique with help from fellow therapists and CPD including Pregnancy Massage.

I work in Grantham and surrounding areas from my treatment room and also do home visits and events. I have met some inspiring and beautiful people and made many new friends and acquaintances since doing this job (if you can call doing something you love a 'job.') I have been fortunate that I already have many contacts from Grantham Running Club who have been keen to let me try my new skills out on them, many returning regularly and referring friends.

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What did you think of the Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy course you attended?

Enrolling with the Sports Massage Academy was a great decision for me. I'd had treatments myself and appreciated the importance of good body maintenance and believed that prevention was better than a cure once injured. I was ready to understand more and took to the anatomy and physiology textbooks over the school summer holidays. Having not studied the body or fitness at any level for 20 plus years it was quite reassuring that it was all set out so clearly and seemed to go in with relative ease.

By the time I began attending practical 'lessons' in September I felt well equipped and had a solid foundation to build on. The rest of the group ranged from me (with no fitness background) to personal trainers, professional boxing trainers and pro footballers; the mix of backgrounds and experience worked really well as a group.

The tutor, Luke, was just the right balance of banter and authority and I honestly looked forward to each 'lesson'. We practiced at every opportunity on willing guinea pigs as well as on each other: which I found really useful to experience receiving the kind of treatment I was giving.

The Sports Massage Academy Alumni offers continued support from a therapist and self employed business point of view, which has been a whole other learning curve.

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What would you say to anyone looking to train in Sports Massage Therapy?

Whether you have any existing understanding of anatomy and physiology or not, don't be put off. If you have an interest in health, fitness or sport, that will be enough. The Sports Massage Academy will support you with structure and consistency and the tutors engage in a way that gives you a thirst to learn and drive to succeed.

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